HOW 1 teen built the Approach 2 Conquer Fluent English. Faster & For Real.

  You don’t need to be poor to learn new skills fast. But, it helps. At 14, I was learning English. Scarce means. Plenty of enthusiasm. Following intuition. Each day, finding a new way to advance. Building my own Approach to become fluent in English. At 10, when my mother died, the future of this […]

Don’t Let Your Schooling Get In The Way of Your Education.

In Many Countries, Some Schools And Universities Still Follow A 200-Year-Old Lecture Model. They preserve rigid standards that discourage participation and comprehension. Making language learning excessively long, uninteresting, and unproductive. By encouraging too much competition, instead of stimulating curiosity and participation, some teachers complicate matters still further. Language Learning Is Not A Logical Process. Contrary […]

Driven By Passion And Curiosity. Not Constrained By A Set Of Rules.

At 14, I received my first English lessons from my dear Father. Soon, I began to spend most of my time doing just what I liked most: listening to American pop songs, and writing all the lyrics from my favorite singers, like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, among others. Fully energized and constantly motivated, I […]

Am I Qualified To Solve The Problem of Practicing English To Full Fluency?

As a communication Professional with a life dedicated to the study and research of languages, I have received a few diplomas in my long career. A Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Michigan, English Language Institute. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and a few other diplomas and certificates from the USA, Brazil, and […]

20 Minutes A Day, English Fluency Is On Your Way.

And it’s going to be a lot easier and much more pleasant, if you forget a few myths, while you enjoy your ride to the World of Bilingualism. One of the greatest examples of rare talent in the world is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He wrote his first opera at age 12. He’s considered the greatest […]

You Don’t Need To Be a Genius To Speak English Fluently.

Many people believe that speaking foreign languages is for geniuses. Or for little children, because they have a special talent for learning languages fast. Children have a lot of curiosity. And they’re not worried about making mistakes. If they don’t get it right the first time, they just repeat it as many times as necessary. They […]

Immersive English Practice 2023.

Even if you have only basic notions of English, you can begin to adopt some daily habits, which will advance your practice in a way that will surprise you. There’s no limit to what you can discover when you do your Searches In English. You’ll find the answers to all your questions. From the most […]

To Reach English Fluency, Mix Your Natural Curiosity With Passion. And go.

Add a Daily Dose of Intensive English Practice. Let the conversation flow. The Intensive English Practice is a comprehensive Approach for mastering foreign languages through Deliberate Practice. With 20 minutes a day, Fluency is on your way. See how you can start using The Intensive Language Practice Demo here. The Benefits Of Speaking English As A Second Language Besides improving […]

Time For A Memorable Journey. To Conquer Fluent English. At Home.

If you have the chance –  or obligation – to spend some time in a foreign country, you may feel a bit funny and awkward in your initial contact with the language.   You will depend on your own efforts for your most basic needs, from buying food to asking for directions. While this survival mode can be […]