Am I Qualified To Solve The Problem of Practicing English To Full Fluency?

As a communication Professional with a life dedicated to the study and research of languages, I have received a few diplomas in my long career.

A Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Michigan, English Language Institute. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and a few other diplomas and certificates from the USA, Brazil, and Germany.

  • But, a diploma alone is just a promise. 
  • You don’t need promises. You need a Solution.
  • An effective approach to becoming fluent in English.

Let’s Move On

I began to work before I was 12 years old.

At 14, I received my first English lessons from my dear Father.

A passionate and accomplished Teacher of languages.

He devoted his life to perfect the half dozen languages that he mastered like few and lectured like none.

Under his guidance, and mostly on my own, I always worked very hard on English Grammar exercises. And that was pure hard work.

But the Grammar routine was a ride in the park compared to the lessons of English phonetics given by my Father.

In some sessions, I’d try to reproduce the sound of a semivowel 55 times.

And it was never right.

It was around that time that I decided to continue to learn English on my own.

Immensely motivated,

I used to go to the movies

at least once a week to watch American films.

Whenever possible, I’d go to the balcony, and position myself in a way that the

subtitles were blocked from view.

Used to follow my intuition.

And created my own means to study and practice English,

while having a lot of fun.

Although unaware of it, then, I was naturally creating

my own Approach for

studying and practicing English through Deliberate Practice.


The Intensive English Practice in action.